name: Free Stripe-Tease
client: Meritalia
date: 2011
project assistant: A. Ghirardello

Art combines with design world offers a dimension of pure imagination, freedom, colour, and irrationality. The Stripe-Tease armchair is the protagonist of a double interpretation; in one hand it dressed with a colourful shape, made of ribbons stretched out further the frame, spread in disorder, supple and dishevelled overall the floor, the scene evokes the painter’s palette and the typical circular sign of Van-Gogh. In the other hand a sober and elegant weaving black and white stretches to the walls and the ceiling in a perfect alignment. It projects the outline of the armchairs in all directions. This installation offers the vision of a space organized by straight lines, it refers to the Mondrian’s painting and suggests a flavour vaguely cubist.