Internoitaliano is a new system for the production and sale of designer furnishings,created by Giulio Iacchetti, that brings Contemporary Italian Design to the worldwide marketplace via the Internet, providing the quality and technical know-how of traditional Italian craftsmanship to products sold exclusively online.

At the heart of Internoitaliano is a production system constituted by a network of workshops and manufacturing companies that embody the excellence in the Italian ability to create top-quality products paired with a real-time global system of circulation, the Internet. Internoitaliano, therefore, is truly a “fabbrica diffusa”, a factory network.
Internoitaliano objects enjoy a special status: they are happy objects, fruit of a 50/50 joint effort between the designer who designed them and the craftsman who lovingly made them. They are free from economic constraints that might otherwise impose high profit margins and can therefore be brought to market at a fair price, with respect for the intrinsic value of each partie’s contribution and the high quality of the materials.