name: Rimini Rimini
client: Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt
data: Febbraio 2016
designer: Giulio Iacchetti with Vittorio Venezia and Carolina Martinelli

I got in touch with Germany and German people for the first time when I was a child and I used to spend summer holidays on the Adriatic Coast. I was proud to see so many foreign people who chose Italy for their holidays. My project for Ambiente fair is a tribute to German people: the main concept of my installation is to bring a piece of Italy in Germany, or recreate the atmosphere of holidays and the kitsch accent of Italian bathhouses, to enjoy a relaxing break in a place as the Fair, conceived only for business.

Rimini Rimini Frankfurt Ambiente

Ambiente Francoforte Rolo

Iacchetti Rimini Rimini Frankfurt Ambiente_DSA_9424