name: Coop Art Direction
client: Coop
date: 2005

Coordination of the project Eureka Coop, first italian case of a collective project for the mass market.
It all started in October 2003, when Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni gathered together a new generation of Italian designers, at the bar of the Triennale in Milan, to promote a common action that would lead to a collective project. It was an ambitious challenge: What can we do to reach the greater public and realize our aspirations of a more “democratic design”?
The proposal made by Giulio Iacchetti to the Coop was that the company should entrust itself to Design, as well as believing in the potential of this group of young designers. Thus began a long process of collective work leading to an exhibition, during the 2005 Salone del Mobile, at the Coop supermarket in Via Arona: twenty prototypes were on display of objects designed for use in household cleaning and laundry. A vote was held in which the customers were encouraged to express their opinions. A traveling exhibition followed, appearing in Coop supermarkets throughout all Italy and more than 10,000 votes were cast by the public. After an intense period of prototyping in order to achieve the ‘low cost’ objective, the projects became products. Beginning in February 2008, to the great satisfaction of the public and the Coop itself, eleven of the initial twenty projects were on the shelves and available for sale.
On June 8th, the Design at the Coop project received the Premio dei premi in the presence of the president of the Republic. A recognition that the Italian government attributes to the “actors of innovation, supporting their role the social, economic and scientific development of the country.”