giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Tancredi e Bartolomeo
client: De Vecchi Milano 1935
date: 2012
project assistants: Dario Gaudio, Emmanuel Zonta
photo credits: Leo Torri

Tancredi and Bartholomew is the new interpretation of the art de la table for De Vecchi Milano 1935. Presented at Maison Objet 2012, is a family of tableware where the Mediterranean simplicity, the elegance of Italian design, the dialogue between materials and between the artisan knowledge, come together in a sophisticated design, materials, shapes, and the idea of a new sociability open to contamination and mixing of different tastes.
Ceramics, wood, glass and silverplate for a mise en place where symbolically stands out  a menage realized in silverplate and valuable rosewood that becomes an ideal square: an agorà (latin), which collects the flavors of a cosmopolitan cuisine, from soy sauce to oil, salt pepper, curry and ginger.