giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Eccentrica System
client: Elica

designers: Giulio Iacchetti e Riccardo Diotallevi
date: Milan Design Week 2012
project assistant: Vittorio Venezia
photo credits: Stefano Menconi, Simone Barberis

Eccentrica System is the new cooker hood designed to be innovative because is the ingenious solution to the frequent problem of an extractor duct that is not perfectly placed in line with the cooktop. The hood’s piping system is variable, customisable and telescopically extendable, negotiating corners with simple bends. Eccentrica System can be designed to meet any needs with four different solutions, each one suited to overcoming different problems to reach the extractor duct, whatever its “eccentricity” in terms of distance or position. Designed following the idea of pure, simple forms, with a flat cylinder that echoes the archetypal shape of the sieve, another drum-like cylinder a short distance away close to the extractor duct which contains the motor, and, connecting the two cylinders, a slim rectangular pipe that conveys the air towards the extractor motor.