giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Newcastle
client: Meritalia
date: April 2013
project assistant: Alessandro Stabile
photo credits: Max Rommel

System of upholstered sofas with covers in Duraform®, in fabric or in leather, available in different colors. Dimensions: cm 203,233,263 x 100 h79
The reason for these monolithic geometries, the backrest designed as a big buttress, the armrest designed as rock blocks, defines a shape with very characterized and recognizable lines, this is the reason also for the name New Castle. The real innovative characteristic of the project is the fresh use, as upholstery, of DURAFORM® an artificial fabric similar to paper, normally used for jeans labels: washable, resistant, transpiring able to confer a strong personality to the most representative version on sofa Newcastle”.
Duraform® is a material deriving from cellulose fiber, generally used for covers, books and in graphic field. Often used for jeans labels. Meritalia uses it in a fresh way in interior design field employing it as upholstery for a new upholstered product.