giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Surf-o-Morph
client: Surfer’s Den
date: 2014
project assistant: Mario Scairato

The designer faces everday challenges befitting this creative discipline. Nature has always been his ally, and when used knowledgeably it can offer the solutions and necessary tools for living well, both in one’s work life as well as in the pursuit of one’s passions. Project “Surph-o-morph” was born in 2011 from an old idea of Giulio Iacchetti and Francesco A. Fiorentino of Surfer’s Den Daily Surfboards. The three Surph-o-Morph surfboards’ shapes come from a mix of references, both by numeric elaboration of 3D file processing, as well as by being inspired by the natural designs found in larger marine animals.
Shapes derived from the killer whale, dolphin and shark give us our three model names: Orca, Delfino, Squalo. These names define the water lines of each model, and remain faithful even in the fin-shapes derived from the tail fins of each of these three magnificent animals. Eps blank shaping and epoxy resin are by SD Shapes.





Surf - Max Rommel - orizzontale