giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Siptel
client: Fontana Arte
date: April 2015
project assistant: Alessandro Stabile

SIPTEL is a LED floor and table lamp that reworks the archetype of traditional stemmed models, thanks to a simple, yet effective,magnetic system.The entire length of the rod acts as a launch pad for the illuminating body which slides along it with a softness and a surprisingfluidity. Exploiting the properties of the magnet and its natural ability to line up with the force field, the head of the lamp iscompletely without constraints, unlike traditional variable height lamps where the blocking mechanism depends on unsightlyhandles or mechanical joints.The end of the head is in turn free to rotate on the transversal axis, enabling yet another level of adjustment. In this way, SIPTEL goes beyond the classic fixedness that usually characterizes light source on this kind of lamp. Siptel takes light wherever youwant.This concept also proved to be very effective for the table version of the lamp.Below the light, a system of two pegs, one of which also slides thanks to the same magnetic mechanism, allows any excescable to be wound up, keeping it taut and out of the way, to prevent tripping. Fitted with LEDs, the lamp gives off a warm, easily directable light.

Siptel - Fontana Arte