giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Noè Corkscrew
client: Alessi
date: September 2015
project assistant: Alessandro Stabile
photo credits: Agustina Bottoni

This corkscrew has been added to the other instruments in the Noè family, designed to perform the various actions that are accomplished when we have a bottle of wine in our hands. This object embodies the careful combination of a professional corkscrew’s high functionality and the clean lines of a compact form. The shape is reminiscent of a key, with a long stem that encloses the “worm” and the ring that holds the blade, used to cut open the capsules. This, too, is hidden from view and activated by flicking a switch. The simplicity of the design makes using the corkscrew intuitive; the use of lightweight metal means the grip is easy to handle and makes the gesture of opening a bottle enjoyable, while the precision of the capsule ensures professionalism.