giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design

name: Libroinfinito
client: Tipografia Tallone
date: September 2015

I looked only briefly on the vertiginous wisdom of Tallone Editore about letterpress printing with movable types, exclusive fonts, kinds of paper, ink, manual binding. But it was enough to understand that the result of this immense craftsmanship quality, books made by Tallone, could no longer be “hidden” in a library with other books, perhaps most anonymous and industrial books. Therefore, I thought of a book which is “inadmissible” for a shelf. A book that claims the scene, who wants to be resting on a table top, like a precious vase or a small furnishing of value.
An infinite book because, moving the binding at the center and creating a symmetry of the sixteenths that compose it, it becomes “infinite” to leaf through it in a circular way.  But what are the typographical contents of LIBROINFINITO? I wanted to underline centrality and beauty of “Tallone” font and I wanted to celebrate it with an endless ABECEDARIO, able to enhance he Tallone letters.

 abbecedario chiuso

abbecedario z