giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Beleos
client: Bross
date: April 2017
project assistant: Alessandro Stabile

Expression of the decorative value of the wood, expertly paired with fine materials, Beleos tables collection, Lombard name that evokes the concept of “family head”, is born from an elegant combination of important details. Key element of the project is the structure, conceived as a real genetic matrix. From the variation of its measures, which keeps unchanged the proportions, creates in fact a family of tables of different dimensions and a coffee table line, ideal for residential and contract areas. The structure consists of a metal “beam”, made of two profiles arranged in parallel and joined by cylindrical spacers, and legs in solid wood, tapered and inclined to have a great refinement effect. Their variable section offers different prospects depending on the vantage point and expresses the Bross attention in wood processing.

Beleos-table 02

Beleos-table 03

Beleos-table 04