giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Bufala
client: Paestum Experience
date: July 2017
photo credits: Elena Monzo

In the plains of the Sele river the female buffalos have been a familiar and rooted presence, contributing to create the spirit of the area that embraces them. In historical pictures it is not unusual to find female buffalos grazing among the colossal temples of Paestum: a continuum of classical ruins, human beings and mighty animals referring to an epic, almost mythical time. Solid animals, of impressive physicality and beauty, which thanks to their milk, make the existence of mozzarella possible, creating the queen of dairy products of Campania. Pure white and round, the mozzarella has inspired this small ceramic buffalo, summarising the zoomorphic forms of the bovine from Campania and at the same time referring to the softness of the mozzarella, it is a tribute to our territory and its culture.






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