giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: T Table
client: Triennale di Milano
date: April 2018
project assistant: Alessandro Stabile

Designed for the new set-up of the cafe at the Milan Triennale, this is a table created with the “T” developed by Italo Lupi as the logo of the Triennale, a logo that has led to many furnishing projects. T table has a monolithic support structure: a big hollow T on which to place a thin square top. The contrast of volumes and thicknesses accentuates the dichotomy of the structure and the top, making the large T particularly legible in its basic form. The central structure also makes it possible to arrange the tables in groupings, forming the image of a large beam supported by a row of small pillars. Thanks to a cavity in the vermillion beam, supplementary tops can be added between one table and the next, for a truly hospitable configuration.