giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: TiVoglio biscuits
client: TiVoglio
date:  2002

At the beginning of the 2000s the project for a series of eight cookies, including shortbread, dry and salted cookies for the Friulian brand TiVoglio was born. Far from “food-design” atmospheres, the real challenge in designing the cookies was their ability to resist cooking (without breaking) and the possibility of passing the packaging machine unscathed. Having successfully passed both tests, TiVoglio cookies were launched on the market. The project was strongly focused on texture: “The surface of the cookies as a possibility to tell the ingredients, the energy characteristics and the suggestions for an optimal tasting. Signs as instructions and information”.

Taken from the catalog of the exhibition “Progetto cibo – la forma del gusto” edited by Beppe Finessi Electa 2013