giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Semplici formalità
client: Johan&Levi
date:  april 2022
photo credits: Gaia Anselmi Tamburini e Giovanni Anselmi Tamburini
afterword by Cino Zucchi

Like the flora and fauna of our domestic and urban landscapes, there are objects that parade before our eyes every day: useful and humble, some we find neatly arranged in the bathroom cabinet or kitchen pantry, others on the work table, on the streets or in the garden. They are the “simple formalities,” radiant examples of effective design without stylistic complacency or vanity. And precisely for this reason iconic and timeless.
Giulio Iacchetti has chosen thirty-two of these pleasingly minimal objects to do them justice and celebrate their form. He does so through images, with shots taken ad hoc, and through words, telling the stories and curiosities behind Staunton chess, Arbre Magique, Monopoly pawns or the ice cream stick.
The enchanted gaze of the designer combines with the amused and brilliant gaze of the user, so that these objects become from time to time the protagonists of his or her daily experience or memories. A declaration of love and gratitude to these familiar and joyful companions whose perfect simplicity has accompanied the evolution of the habits of us all over the decades.