giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Civitas
client: Midj
date:  aprile 2023
project assistant: Luca Madonini

The name CIVITAS is a metaphor for the city growing neatly on the matrix of the Roman encampment. Like the city, the CIVITAS bookcase can also grow and transform, both vertically and horizontally…it is beautiful to design a system that has the potential to become what we do not yet imagine today, but in power we know that it will all be possible. I envision CIVITAS as an open system that in the future will implement doors, drawers, closed and open parts, which can initiate different product families (low furniture, storage units, column elements, etc.).” As the Clash said. “the future is not written,” but somewhere it is beginning to take shape.We are only at the first chapter of the CIVITAS story, but we are sure that our city in the form of a bookcase will still have some nice surprises in store for us…