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giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Klark
client: Kriptonite
date:  april 2024
project assistant: Luca Madonini
photo  and video credits: Max Rommel

Klark is a modular sheet metal bookcase. It consists of two different modules to create the shelves and two modules of different lengths to create the base. With this simple equipment it is possible to build an infinite bookcase, both in height and length. Another important aspect is that the modules of the bookcase initially have a flat development: with simple assembly operations, they “magically” acquire the third dimension: assembling it is a game, in terms of simplicity and the time taken to make it.

Over time it can grow, to meet different needs, or split to create two or more separate pieces of furniture. KLARK is a true system that adapts to the most diverse needs of where we live and work.
Kriptonite is a company that has always fascinated me because they are consistent in thinking of neat metal systems for the home, with low visual and dimensional impact, but very effective and functional. I have always thought of them to propose a modular bookcase project, which over time has been perfected into the product we see today.

Klark is the onomatopoeic sound of the sheet metal that meekly bends, according to perforated lines, to transform itself into the modules of the bookcase, but it is also the name, slightly modified, of Superman’s alter ego (Clark Kent)… a tribute therefore to Kryptonite, a name that recalls the only element capable of challenging the strongest man in the world!