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giulio iacchetti industrial design
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name: Kermesse
client: Danese Milano
date: 2010
project assistant: Alessandro Stabile

Kermesse is the result of an inspiration drawn from the lamps of traditional village fairs, in which you see a sequence of very simple but striking light bodies. Kermesse’s rhythm is the same but only one source is used: a linear fluorescent source is inserted in a transparent tube that works as a structure on which cylindrical diffusers are mounted.
These shield the source, add light movement creating the impression of the following of many independent luminous modules. Each diffuser can rotate on itself and is independent from the others. Given the adjustable cylinders and their material features, the light diffused is lively and quite uniform. Kermesse comes in various versions: different colours or materials and therefore cylinder optical quality.
One is composed of white modules with a slight touch of colour: a second to last orange or green cylinder that creates an interruption in the sequence. They all are made of fabric and polypropylene, which adds proper support to the structure. In the second version, different shades of white alternate: uniform opaline, pixel effect, moiré effect and one that is uniform but very noticeable.
Kermesse can be of two different lengths (39 or 54W) according to the linear fluorescent sources used thus it can be composed of five or seven cylinders.
Kermesse is a simple but communicative and good quality product. It is a strong and forthcoming presence but it is not invasive. Kermesse is light, poetic, evocative thanks to its adjustable diffusers. Emotions will be stirred up when it comes to choose light fixture lengths, combine the colourful elements and adjust the diffuser inclinations.