giulio iacchetti industrial design
giulio iacchetti industrial design

name: Writing, Reading, Travelling Collection
client: Moleskine
date: 2011
project assistants:
Sara Fraschini, Alberto Ghirardello, Alessandro Gnocchi, Alessandro Stabile
photo credits: Max Rommel, Studio Iacchetti

Three new collections dedicated to writing, reading and traveling. The entire Moleskine project is defined in a family of about 15 objects, each characterized by a strong personality but inseparably linked to the identity of the brand.
Focus of the entire project is the pen with cap and clip, designed specifically for clinging to Moleskine hard cover notebooks. A rubberized steel clip lets you attach it neatly to the cover, making them natural travelling companions
The symmetrically designed reading glasses are thought to be worn in both directions, as a result of the fact that both lenses have the same graduation. This reading collection also includes the folding reading stand for most kind of e-reader as well as conventional books. Its novel design makes it foldable, portable and light.
Finally, in the collection of bags, the integration and combination of a molded base and a soft material allow bag to stand and improves water repellency and to be confortable to wear at the same time; traveling collection is designed to be customized and organized as desired with various add-on (multi-purpose pockets and storagepanel).